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3 Ways to Make the Best Egg Salad of Your Life

Homemade egg salad has the potential to be SO GOOD. Here are three of the best versions to make next time you have a craving. Head to and use code Brian at checkout for 25% off your order plus free shipping on orders over $35.

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WIRE RACK (for “dicing” eggs):
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All recipes make 8 portions
*Classic American Deli Style Egg Salad*
▪24 large eggs
▪6-7 quarts (5-6L) water
▪Warm water
▪Paper towels
▪250g (1c) mayonnaise
▪45g (3T) Dijon mustard
▪15g (4T/1 Clam shell) minced chives
▪15g (3T) chopped dill
▪25g (5t) white distilled vinegar
▪15g (4t) sugar
▪10g (2t) salt
▪5g (2t) black pepper
▪5g (2t) paprika
▪15-20g (2 stalks) finely chopped celery
▪Nice sourdough bread
▪Durkees famous sauce
▪Green leaf lettuce

1 Fill a very large pot with 6-7 quarts of water and bring it to a boil.
2 Carefully lower eggs into the boiling water using a spider or long spoon to prevent cracking.
3 Set a timer for 13 minutes for large eggs (adjust time for medium or jumbo eggs).
4 After 13 minutes, remove the pot from heat and add ice (as much as will fit into the pot) to stop the cooking process.
5 Drain some warm water from the pot, add more ice, and run cold water over the eggs for 2-3 minutes or until the warm water is circulated out of the pot
6 Peel the cooled eggs under warm water, cracking them in several places to make peeling easier. Pat the peeled eggs dry to remove excess moisture.
7 Set aside 8 of the eggs. Reserving their yolks for later.
8 Press the remaining 16 eggs through a wire rack to “dice” them evenly.
9 In a separate bowl, combine mayo, Dijon, minced chives, chopped dill, vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper, paprika, and chopped celery.
10 Smash 6 of the reserved egg yolks into the mayo mixture and stir until well combined.
11 Gently fold the mayo mixture into the diced hard boiled eggs until evenly coated.
12 Crumble the last 2 reserved egg yolks into the mixture to absorb excess moisture and provide texture.
13 To make each sandwich, spread Durkees famous sauce onto two slices of sourdough bread.
Add washed green leaf lettuce on one slice of bread and spoon 3-4 large spoonfuls of egg salad on top.

*Avocado Green Goddess Egg Salad* (makes 2x what you’ll need for the eggs salad):
▪450g (2c) mayo
▪60g (4c) spinach
▪15g (¾-1c) fresh dill
▪5g (1/2c) fresh tarragon
▪50g (2c) fresh parsley
▪3 cloves of garlic
▪12g (2 1/2t) salt (for dressing)
▪20g (1T) honey
▪24 eggs
▪2 avocados (look for aovs that are mostly ripe, but not super soft)
▪8g (1 2/3t) salt (for egg salad)
▪Juice of 1 lemon
▪15-20g (4T/1 clam shell) chives
▪Olive oil
▪Fresh croissants
▪Arugula (dressed with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice)

1 Add mayo, spinach, dill, tarragon, parsley, garlic, salt and honey to a food processor and spin for 30 seconds or until ingredients are broken down and the sauce is mostly smooth.
2 Transfer half (about 300g) to a storage container (for green goddess dressing throughout the week) and the other half into a bowl to finish the egg salad.
3 Press eggs through a wire rack to “dice”
4 Finely mince chives and add to egg bowl
5 Medium dice the flesh from two avocados (about 300g) and add to egg bowl.
6 To that, add 8g salt, juice from 1 lemon, and gently fold to combine.
7 Add 3-4 spoonfuls onto a nice flaky croissant and top with dressed arugula

*Japanese Tamago Egg Salad*:
▪24 hard-boiled eggs
▪225g (1c) Kewpie mayo
▪15g (3t) salt
▪25g (2T) sugar
▪50g (1/4c) rice vinegar
▪15g (1/4c) dashi powder
▪Shokupan (Japanese milk bread), sub thick sliced white bread

1 Add yolks from 24 eggs into food processor along with mayo, salt. Reserve whites for later.
2 Stir dashi into rice vinegar and add into food processor. Spin until creamy.
3 Add egg sauce into a bowl, top with a wire rack and press reserved egg whites through rack to “dice”. Gently fold to combine.
4 Add to thick sliced shokupan bread or thick cut white bread

▪1 egg
▪75g or 1/3c rice vinegar
▪5g or 1.5tsp salt
▪5g or 1 1/4tsp granulated sugar
▪1-2g or 1/2tsp msg
▪325g or 1 1/2c neutral oil (canola etc)

0:00 Classic American Deli Style egg salad
4:50 Cleaning up my kitchen
5:46 Green goddess egg salad
8:03 Japanese Tamago style egg salad

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