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THE BEST Recipes GUIDE in Breath of the Wild – Best Dishes Cooked| Austin John Plays

What’s going on boys and girls what’s up world Austin John plays here and today I’m going to be showing you guys how to cook the best recipes for food and legend zelda breath of the wild I’m not going to be talking about the bad foods or going over roasting food that’s just throwing it on a fire without actually cooking it or elixirs in this video because let’s face it you want to save all that all those mobster parts to get the dark armor am i right nope grab a cooking pot that magically fills with water and ingredients and let’s go I’m going to be going over the best recipes for Macs temporary hearts Macs temporary stamina Mac’s attack defense stamina recovery stealthiness and speed boost because you know you’re closing for the hot and cold one I’m also going to be going over the special effects that cooking during the Blood Moon will have whoo yeah the Blood Moon effects the recipes did you cook but you didn’t know that did you already hitting you with the knowledge I want to say that your main focus of benefit enhancing food should not be hearts that’s what you have apples Birds and meat for you’re going to have those four hearts and you’re going to have these four benefits keep in mind cooking food with different benefits will cancel out the benefits so only go for one at a time every food item can be placed into a grade and the more food that you have of a higher grade the better but not always also I’ve done experiments for cooking with reloading my save file for about five hours to come up with this list so be sure to drop a like and show your appreciation from my hard work and dedication it’s easy just click it I’ll wait five seconds five seconds four five hours of gameplay then editing a recording sounds fair right great first little disclaimer about critical cooking there’s a slight chance that when you cook something it’ll be a critical cook and I’ll have a boost in effect when the cook animation is done the sound is going to be slightly different at the end it’s going to have a little bit of a of a gong sound to it it’s really hard to miss unless you’re listening on big speakers so here’s what it sounds like turn your volume up okay now turn the volume down one way to guarantee a critical cook is to cook between the time of 11:30 p.m.

THE BEST Recipes GUIDE in Breath of the Wild - Best Dishes Cooked| Austin John Plays

At 11:55 p.m. right before a Blood Moon you can talk to this guy at the dueling Peaks table to find out if a Blood Moon is going to happen that night if you want to plan your cooking around a Blood Moon which is recommended then a full cycle is 8 in game days and a Blood Moon is randomly selected from those full moons you can also guarantee a critical cook by adding a star fragment or a dragon’s body part but that takes up a cooking spot so okay no further delays first mighty food any dish with the name mighty in front of it gives you a boost to your attack from 1 to 3 stages a critical cook or Blood Moon critical cook can boost it by an extra 3 hearts a boosted 5 minutes duration or a boosted tier of effect the only great a food for mighty attack food is a mighty Porgy each one in you cooks will give you two hearts and 50 seconds of attack boosting cooking one will give you a level 1 boost cooking 2 gives your level 2 boost and 3 fish will give you a level 3 boost any more than that and you’re just wasting fishies are closer runner-up is the mighty carp and the razor claw crap then the mighty bananas and raise your shrimp for the carp in the crab the each restore two hearts one cooked and 50 seconds of effect cooking one will get you a level 1 boost Q or needed for a level 2 boost but for needed for a level 3 boost do keep in mind that you can mix and match any food with the same boosting benefits slightly behind the carp in the crab is the namma in the shroom both give you one heart each and 50 seconds of duration you need to cook 3 for level 2 effect and you need to cook for for level 5 effect with that being said you can cook a mighty Porgy with any other two foods I mentioned 4 attack boosting and get a level 3 so doing that you get the most out of your fishing or you do – mighty porgies and three mighty sizzles for max time and power without wasting any second-tier items next is tough food and this is for a defense boost it’s going to be quite similar to the mighty category all the food I’m going to mention in this category is going to give you 50 seconds per item the best item is the armored pork you need three of these for a full here three defense boost just below that is the armored carp and the iron shell crab you’ll need two for level two and four for level three slightly below that is the iron shroom and four to five pumpkin we’re going to need three for level two and four for level three likewise you could cook an armored Porgy with any other two foods I mentioned here for a defense boost and get it to level three and during this is going to be for an extra stamina wheel or two there are only two items found in this game that give you that bonus and in order of awesomeness the Endora carrot and the Endora shroom each of these recipes will replenish your stamina so you should use them wisely when you’re in a pinch each Endora carrot will give you four hearts and 40% of an additional stamina meter so two for four-fifths 3 for 1 and 1/5 4 for 1 and 3/5 5 for 2 full stamina wheels the Endura shroom will only give you a fifth of a stamina wheel until you cook 4 and then it’s two fifths of a stamina wheel so indirect carrots are the best for stamina wheels they can be found behind the great fairy near Kakariko village however you may only want to cook one at a time each one did you eat was going to give you full restoration of your stamina wheel plus 2/5 energizing is to replenish your lost stamina keep in mind that you cannot over replenish your stamina so you may not want max stamina regeneration a grade-a item for this is the salmon oka bass each one is going to restore two hearts and cooking one replenishes one full stamina circle to gives you two and a fifth stamina circles and three gets you three full circles below that is the bright eye crab and courser bee honey each one gives you two fifths of a circle and 3/5 for every one after the first so two for one circle 3 for 1 and 3/5 for for 2 and 2/5 and 5 for 2 and 4/5 Salmonella shrooms restore a small amount 1/4 1/5 to 4 2/5 3 of her forfeits 4 4 1 & 5 1 and 2/5 I know it’s weird right so for this you may want to have lots of smaller items never cook more than two salmon oka pass to crab or honey give you a full ring and never cook more than three stem Anela shrooms next is sneaky sneaky sneaky the best item Bar None is the silent princess each one you cook is going to give you two hearts and two minutes of an effect to earn either for level 2 and 3 or neither for level 3 this rare flower is found near the great fairy fountains the Master Sword and other spiritually majestic areas below that is the silent room and stealth fin trout every shroom is one heart every fishy is two hearts you need to get three for level two effect and you need five for level three effects so to optimize this you would do three silent shrooms or trout with a silent princess up next is hasty for this it’s all about the fleet lotus seed you need three for level two and four for level three the rush room is the only other item that provides a speed boost but you need five of them to even hits level two so three shrooms and two seeds is going to give you a level three with max duration so use your seeds sparingly and last but certainly not least the recipe for extra temporary hearts this one doesn’t have a clear answer because you can only have a max of 30 hearts in the game between your full hearts and temporary hearts so at early levels yeah you’ll be trying to max amount as much as possible but later in the game you’ll need to cook your temporary hearts more strategically to utilize the ingredients the most the grade-a item here is the big hearty radish gives you 5 hearts grade B is a big hardy truffle the hearty durian and the hearty salmon those are four hearts each grade C is a hardy radish for three heart greedy as a hearty bass for too hard and great E is the hardy truffle for one heart so the most heart you could possibly have with five Hardy radishes is 25 temporary hearts but if you have any more than five in games you just could be wasting your radishes also one super important thing to note here is that every one of these ingredients will give you full restoration of your heart so if you have a total of 25 full hearts and you’re down to your last heart a single cook – truffle will restore all of your health and give you a temporary heart so for later in the game that might definitely be a good strategy so now to recap everything you want to attack three mighty porgies and then for the other two thoughts throwing some mighty thistles for max duration defense three armored Porgy and throwing two armored ants for duration two of each of those fish could be found in the very bottom right of the map in the small pond island to the right of even title you want extra stamina cook as many indirect carrots and shrooms as you get your hands on but separately gotta go fast three rush rooms and two lotus seeds want to be as quiet as big boss that’s a metal gear solid reference three silent rooms are still spins out with the single silent princess you want to fill your stamina or want extra hearts screen shots this clip right here oh so there you have it ladies and gentlemen your official awesome John plays cooking guide strategy for Legend of Zelda breath of the wall until I started writing this I was just cooking stuff aimlessly if you want to got on elixirs let me know in the comment section down below I didn’t think it was necessary because I sold all of my lobster parts to be able to get the Dark Link armor let’s see if we get this video to 5,000 like if you’re new to the channel be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications so next time Austin Jon out

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